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Gauged earlobe repair


A popular trend among teens and twenty-somethings is the gauged earlobe piercings.  These are cylindrical earrings that stretch the piercing hole, sometimes to an extreme amount.  If an individual wants to remove the gauge at some point, the lobe is left stretched and saggy.  This is where gauged earlobe repairs can work wonders. A surgical procedure eliminates the extra lobe skin and the area is stitched back together.  

The photos above show a patient who underwent gauged earlobe repair with Dr. Brett Kotlus at Allure Medical Spa in Michigan.  The after photo is one week after the procedure that was performed in the office with local anesthetic.  This particular patient stated that she didn't have a hanging earlobe before the gauges were put in so she didn't want the repair to create a hanging lobe. In other cases, a full hanging lobe can be recreated. The procedure is peformed on its own, or with other procedures.  The lobes can be re-pierced after the area has healed in about 6 weeks. 

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New article by Dr. Georgeson, Varicose Vein Expert

Dr. Andrew Georgeson recently wrote an article for Surge Journal, a publication of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery.  He describes the latest techcniques for varicose vein treatment, including laser therapy and foam sclerotherapy.  He explains that injections done with ultrasound guidance can improve the effectiveness and safety of the sclerotherapy procedures.  

Dr. Georgeson offers vein treatments at Allure Medical Spa in Livonia and Shelby Township Michigan. 

You can read more about vein injections here

Here's a photo of Dr. Georgeson's recent article:


3d printed eyelid instrument designed by Dr. Kotlus

Dr. Kotlus saw a need for a tool that helps cosmetic surgeons evaluate patients for upper eyelid lifts (blepharoplasty) and he created it using a 3d printer.  It is called the eyelid wand and it is available on a website called  Other surgeons have already purchased their own 3d printed copy of the instrument to use with their own patients.  

Watch this video to learn how the eyelid wand is used:

What does an upper eyelid lift look like after one week?

In this video, Karen describes her experience after undergoing an upper blepharoplasty one week earlier. The eyelid lift procedure removes sagging skin to rejuvenate the upper eyelids and produce a less tired appearance.  As you can see, she is thrilled with her experience with Dr. Kotlus!

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Are stem cells the key to facial beauty?

It is well known that subcutaneous fat, the fat under the skin, has abundant stem cells, the cells in the body that have the potential to grow into other types of cells.  Doctors are able to use these cells in other parts of the body with the hope that they will repair tissues that are damaged from injury or aging. 

In the face, fat transfer procedures help to accomplish revolumization (adding volume that was lost with age) and have the added benefit of delivering stem cells under the skin at the same time.  

In a recent news story reported on Yahoo!, Dr. Kotlus describes a fat transfer procedure that helped a woman who had Perry Romberg Syndrome, characterized by half of the face sinking in.  He used fat taken from around her belly button using a mini liposuction procedure and threaded the fat into the hollow and sunken areas of her face, helping to restore her symmetry.  Read more about this fascinating procedure on Yahoo! here

Dr. Kotlus routinely performs cosmetic facial fat transfer as a standalone procedure or in combination with eyelid lifts and face lifts in Allure Medical Spa's accredited surgical facility in Shelby Township, Michigan. 

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