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The Midwest's Only Vectra 3D Cosmetic Simulator at Allure

Vectra 3D is the latest tool for patients to envision outcomes after cosmetic surgery. Using integrated data from 12 simultaneous digital images, Vectra 3D creates a three-dimensional, morphable image that can be manipulated in 360 degrees. This means that you can see your own image from any angle, and the simulated surgical outcome can be visualized.

With Dr. Mok or Dr. Kotlus, you can receive a personalized consultation with an actual surgery simulation. While results from any procedure will vary, Vectra 3D is the most powerful tool available for simulated results. Allure Medical Spa is the only facility in Michigan offering this incredible technology.

Read more about Vectra 3D here. Call now to book your free consultation including a Vectra 3D analysis.

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